“Preserving, Protecting and Promoting the Dakota Culture for Future Generations”

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Families in Mendota in the last 130 years

Families in Mendota in the last 130 years.
Felix, LeClaire, Renville, DuPuis, Fernier,Turpin, Bellecourt, Robinette, Campbell, Lemay, LaCroix, LaBatte,
Newcomb, Perron, Leith, Sherry, Auge,
Faribault, Cermak, Crooks, DuFour.
Many of these families, not all are descendants of Chief Cetanwakanmani, and Chief Wabasha. Most everyone in the Mendota Community is related to a chief in one family or another.
Many of these names are spell different ways, especially LeClaires.
Like LeClaire, LaClaire, Le Cleur, etc.
If you would like to be a member of the Mendota Mdewakanton Dakota Tribal Community, please look at our website. www.mendotadakota.com download the application to see if you can be a member. There is no blood quantum to become a member. Just being Dakota is enough. We are all related and that is so true.
Just a question I have as the Tribal Chairwoman for Mendota.
Why haven’t other Dakota Tribes help us in over the last 26 years, you are my people and blood, where are you? Why are you not helping Mendota people, what have we done? We need help from our people, to help us get state or federal recognition like all the other tribes. Our most important issue is a community center and land.
Mendota has nothing but a tiny office in Mendota that we rent. We may have to move soon, where do we go?
Be Dakota Everyday!! from Bob Brown my brother.
Love Sharon