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Don’t Forget About Me” by Michael Bucher

The Martha Fast Horse Show
Sunday, November 16, 2008
at 6:00 a.m.
Featured Song
“Don’t Forget About Me”
by Michael Bucher

Special Guest
Michael Bucher (Cherokee)
MICHAEL BUCHER (Artist) is a Cherokee singer-songwriter who was taught from the beginning of his memory the stories, language and legends of his people. His songs are intended to teach, heal and bring an awareness to everyone who hears them. He sings about topics that are important to him and others in Indian Country. From the desecration of sacred sites, to Cherokee legends, to the sometimes seemingly Invisible Indian, there’s a passionate quality throughout. With strong vocals and heartfelt lyrics, his music is a blend of acoustic guitar, native and a contemporary drum, flute, shakers, rattles, bass and electric guitars, and cuts a swath through native folk, blues and rock.
His music has been blessed to have been accepted throughout Indian country. It’s getting airplay all across the country, Alaska and Canada. Been featured on all of NV1’s syndicated programs, Airos, Sirius Satellite radio programming and Amy Goodman’s “Democracy Now“. In 2007 he was a double nominee for both Indian Summer Music Awards and the Native American Music Awards and was honored to perform at both. In 2008 he was nominated for “Best Short Form Video”  for “Dirty Water” at the Nammy’s and 4 nomination categories in the Native E Music Awards where he won under the “Best Political Song” category with “Don’t Forget About Me”. Again blessed to perform at both.
In August of 2008 he spent time at Bear Butte and Sturgis, SD. handing out literature explaining the significance of Bear Butte as a sacred place for the native people of the region to the bikers who would go the Broken Spoke Saloon at the base of Bear Butte. One of my songs, “Don’t Forget About Me” is being used in a documentary about sacred sites called ON HOLY GROUND. Michael donated that song for the film because he feels so strongly about the cause and protecting all native people’s sacred sites. He was asked by Ben Yahola, organizer and founder of the Sacred Sites Run, if they could put that same song on a compilation C.D. for sacred sites. He donated it to them as well. Let them use the proceeds to continue on with their fight as well. Was also honored to perform at the “Longest Walk” in Washington DC with Bill Miller and Keith Secola.  In his humble view, it’s bigger than all of us and not about any of us individually. It’s about the ancient ones and all they had fought for and sacrificed. It’s about our youth and future generations to come, so they will have the same Holy Ground to feel, touch and pray on. So we can heal, but not forget.

Thank You
Justin Severson, Tom Colvin, Citadel Broadcasting,
and the Institute of Production & Recording (IPR)
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