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Dakota 38+2 Memorial Ride 2021.


Principles of the Group 2015 – 2020

This group was originally started in 2008 by Gloria Hazell Derby and was designed specifically for the supporters of the Dakota 38+2 Memorial Ride in and around Pipestone, MN to organize food and lodging. It started with 25 people. Gradually it grew and once the movie ‘Dakota 38’ was released in 2012 people started flocking to join us. At that point it became a place to promote the Spirit of peaceforgivenessunderstanding and above all, celebrate the Spiritual side of the Ride. These are still our four core principals.

During the “off season” we like to share positive uplifting postings and pictures as long as they support the indigenous ways of life around the world, a strong belief in the Creator and/or are in some way connected to the Ride. Also, humor is encouraged. If you are not sure please run it by us first. We now check every post before accepting it. Additionally, the group/web sites can be an information source for the 1862 Dakota history to enable people to learn more about it, and also for the other Rides, pow wows, etc. to publicize their events. Please also ask for prayers as you always have done. That is encouraged.

During the Ride, (the month of December) the group should only be used for Ride information and photos, so all of the ‘off-season’ posts will need to stop. Two of our Admins do continue to post an uplifting post each day so it is not completely Ride saturated. There are always so many posts about the Ride and people asking questions and wanting to join that we have no time to check through other posts. In 2019 another Admin and 2 Moderators have been added to the five new Admins (2014 & 2018) who were included to deal with all of the extra members, questions, photos, and Ride info coming in during each Ride. I try to get a web site set up each year of the Ride, a page each day of the Ride plus extras including the historic information of 1862.

In our job as Admins of the group we will stay neutral on any political issue if it shows itself on the group. Most will be deleted. This is not the place to discuss current events or other controversial news topics, there are other groups to do that in Face Book. We will however add any updates to issues that we have covered, such as the ‘Pipe Lines, ‘Water Protection’ and the ‘Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women’ as we know many of you take an interest in these issues. Any posts containing hatred, negativity, racism, politics, cursing, and other inappropriate language or argumentative strings will be deleted. This group is a spiritual one with, in a lot of cases, descendants honoring their ancestors, and elders and children looking in. Please respect that.

Please do not use this group to sell or advertise your private enterprise. Things such as shoes, sunglasses and nails are not conducive to the topic here. If you have something such as Regalia for sale, or a fund raising idea, please run it by us first. We will delete any sales post the first time we see one on a thread and if we see a second one we will remove the person from the group. We (the Admins) do every so often try to do a fund raiser for the benefit of the Ride, such as Lou’s sweats, or the annual calendar. We also publish the Go Fund me page of the Ride.

This group is NOT one to be collected by those who like many groups on their profile. We will not add you if we find out you do this. We have a list of things to look for on your profiles when you apply to join us, we look for something that shows us you have an interest in the group, the Dakota, the History of 1862, the Dakota 38 movie, horses or you have some connection to those who do. This group is not about Indian people from India.

Please keep in mind that we have more than 7,000 members now, from around the World. As supporters of the Ride we are being judged by our actions and posts. We represent a large mixed Community on Face Book. We must always set the example for others to see. Let us show people that we are above racism, bigotry and hatred.

Thank you for being with us.
Admins: Gloria Hazell-Derby, Lou Fuentes, John Leith, Cari Lanke, Marge DR, Jenny Hazell, Rosetta Walker, Mo Nichols and Tom Wirt.


Updated 16th January, 2020 by GH-D