“Preserving, Protecting and Promoting the Dakota Culture for Future Generations”

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Chris Mato Nunpa will teach Dakota language class for Mendota.

Wonderful news! Chris Mato Nunpa will teach Dakota language class for Mendota. What an honor! Chris is a retired Native American Professor from Granite Falls, MN. Mary Beth, his wife is also a retired professor from Granite Falls. Chris has been a good friend of mine and Mendota for years. These classes will be on zoom Maybe google meet both are free. Starting on Tuesday March, 9th from 12:00 – 1:30. Class will be every 3rd weeks. Chris would like only 30 people to start off with. Class is filling fast. Please email your name and email, to mendotadakota@gmail.com to get on the language list.

Thank you all who are showing an interest in Mendota language classes. Please send an email to mendotadakota@gmail.com, as to what class you want to attend. We will keep you updated when class will start, with times, day etc.

Looking for someone to teach beading, and cultures / story telling too. Maybe some elders can tell their stories growing up native or may be your parents or grandparents being forced to go to boarding schools. My cousins and my family share my grandmother, Lilly Felix she was forced to go to Carlisle Indian Industrial School in Carlisle Pennsylvania. She was living with her parents Peter Felix, and Margaret Belcourt in the Village of Mendota, MN.

Type in Carlisle Indian School online, you will find plenty about that horrible school, and the horrific things what really happen there. There were over 10,000 children taken from their families, imagine how the parents and the children felt, the children must have been so scared, then being brought to a place like that. Was not enough done to our children and our people.

Basically, native children from all over the United States were forced to go to boarding schools.

Email Mendota if you are interested in teaching a class or learning.

All classes will be on zoon.

There is a stipend of $50.00 per class for teacher. Each class will be every 3rd week,

Let us know what day works for you. Chris thought Tuesday afternoon would work for him.


Love Sharon