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“Preserving, Protecting and Promoting the Dakota Culture for Future Generations”

The MMDTC is a tribal community, not yet federally recognized. We are a Tribal 501C3 org.

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is a Tribal 501C3 Org

Mendota Mdewakanton Newsletter


Chris Mato Nunpa Ph.D. (Wahpatan Dakota) On Martha Fast Horse Show.

The Martha Fast Horse Show

Sunday December 7th, 2008

at 6:00 a.m.

Featured Song
The Eagle Song by Wahancanka
Lakota Pipe and Ceremonial Songs
Special Guest

Chris Mato Nunpa Ph.D. (Wahpatan Dakota)

Dr. Chris Mato Nunpa A Dakota man and retired Associate Professor of Indigenous Nations & Dakota Studies (INDS) at Southwest Minnesota State University for the past 14 years, Dr. Mato Nunpa works in the areas of Decolonization, Genocide, and the Dakota Commemorative March. His presentation will focus on the Treaty of 1805 (155,000+ acres on which the Twin Cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis sit), Land Theft (approximately three billion acres stolen, land which has not been paid for), and Genocide (approximately 16 million Indigenous Peoples murdered in the United States). Since 1492, the Indigenous Peoples of North, Central, and South Americas have been living in a state of terrorism and neo-colonialism. Indigenous lands, their spirituality and ceremonies, their languages, their cultures and ways of life, their values and world-views, even their very existence have been and are still being called into question. These issues, along with the implications and/or ethical responsibilities, demand a call to action by citizens for a transformative society, invoking the Praxis model outlined by Freire, reflection plus action.

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