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US State Department sponsored scholarship exchange students. Mendota is participating and asking members to be part of this wonderful program. If anyone would like to help call Mary Armstrong her number is below.

Last year, you also sent out an email to the Mendota Dakotas, and we actually found a wonderful host family through that announcement.  I am wondering if there is any possibility of you sharing another announcement for us.  We still have several exchange students without host families, and our deadline is August 31, so anything you can do to share would be awesome.
Here’s an announcement to share:
Greenheart international, a nonprofit agency, is searching for open-minded and flexible host families to host one (or more!) of our US State Department sponsored scholarship exchange students.  Last year’s Native American host family was awesome, and we are hoping to reach out to more Native American families this year.  Students have competed to receive a merit based scholarship, and are anxiously awaiting notification of their host family.  All students speak English, have medical insurance, and their own spending money.  Volunteer host families provide a room (may be shared), meals, and a  caring environment for their student.  Students arrive late August/early September, and stay through early June while they attend the local public high school where you live.  If you are able to accommodate a student for either 6-8 weeks (welcome family) or for the duration of their stay, please contact Mary Armstrong at 952-657-3406 / email: armstrong.mary@mac.com  / website: www.greenheart.org
Available Students Needing Host Families:
Faiza (girl, Pakistan) – 15  years kid – enjoys badminton, volleyball, cooking with her mom, reading, writing poetry, painting/drawing, hairstyling, ice skating, listening to music, biking,  & aerobics.  She is Muslim and does not eat pork.    She has no pet allergies.  Fair comes from a large family, and is accustomed to all age groups.  She will be attending 10th grade.
Yermakhan (boy, Kazakhstan) –  16 years old – enjoys swimming, soccer, solving Rubik’s cube, reading, robotics, computers, Chess, He would be placed in 11th grade..  Yermakhan says, “Even though I am Muslim, I am not against any religious traditions.  I can be a good family member and everyone can rely on me.”  He does not have any dietary restrictions or pet allergies.    He has 2 younger siblings, and is used to younger kids.
Rakhat (boy, Kazakhstan) – 16 years old – enjoys swimming, writing poetry, reading, watching movies, judo, ballroom dancing, volleyball, biking, &  ice skating,   He has no particular religion, and no dietary restrictions or pet allergies.  He would be in 11th grade.  He enjoys history and often competes in the town history olympiads.
Best regards,
Mary Armstrong
Local Coordinator
Greenheart International 
TEL 952-657-3406