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Return of In-Yan Sa (Red Rock) to the Kaposia Community:

Mendota Mdewakanton Dakota Tribal Community.


Return of In-Yan Sa (Red Rock) to the Kaposia Community:


In-Yan Sa (Red Rock) is sacred to all Dakota people.

More importantly it is sacred to us the Mdewakanton Kaposia people. It was discovered by our community. It is part of our community. We pray at our In-Yan Sa. It is us who discovered its energy. We the Kaposia hold its power. Taku skan skan. The spirit that is everywhere.  God of movement. We the Kaposia people should be making this decision on where In-Yan Sa should be placed.

We the Kaposia people descending from our great Kaposia Chief Cetan Wakanmani.

In-Yan Sa needs a home. It needs protection and that home is in our Mendota Mdewakanton Dakota Tribal Community. Just as it was prior to 1862… then after the 1862 uprising in which our cousin Little Crow -Taoyateduta was involved in. We could not pray at our sacred boulder. Our Kaposia culture was outlawed. We have been a community lacking Cultural Identity. We also suffered and payed the price. Our families were also imprisoned and hanged in Mankato and sent to Crow Creek and Santee. It is time for “Justice and Healing “.


“The land upon which everyone walks is sacred because of how it was created by our creator. The land is the foundation of what we are trying to preserve for future of our children, our right and their rights as Dakota, rights to a spiritual way of life which have been denied by our ancestors, to us, and to our children. Our choice of Makoce Kin (The Land) is our foundation and like our Dakota ancestors of old, we still are defending our rights to our sacred Dakota land”  –Sheldon Wolfchild


We the Kaposia Band hold Sacred In-Ya Sa.


In-Yan Sa is a Cornerstone of our Dakota Community.


We look forward to meeting and discussing how we can reunite In-Yan Sa with our community. We thank Sheldon and all of our relatives from the other reservations for their support in this matter. We look forward to growing our culture with our other Mdewakanton Dakota communities.


Perry Altendorfer

Historian – Mendota Mdewakanton Dakota Tribal Community