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2016 Wacipi POW WOW flyer

Mendota’s 18th Wacipi was absolutely our best Wacipi ever!

Mendota’s 18th Wacipi was absolutely our best Wacipi ever!  9-16-17

This year we had Emmitt Eastman as our Spiritual Elder. Just listening to him speak of his accomplishments in his 85 years was very impressive. Emmitt is truly an amazing man and true warrior for his people.

It was so awesome to see everyone! I want to take a moment to thank everyone who was involved. Thank you to all of the beautiful and talented dancers and drum groups. Thank you to our arena director Windy and our MC Gary for coordinating the events. Thank you to all of the security members for keeping the Wacipi running smoothly and safely. Thank you to all of our hard working volunteers, we could not have had a successful Wacipi without all of you. Thank you to my son Joe for getting the Wacipi grant and helping me for months. Thank you Tommy who help me for months and will help for weeks to get things back to order. Thank you Connie for making 22 tubs of fry bread. A special thank you to the, and St Peters Church for letting us use their church grounds for the last 18 years. Thank you to Cherokee Park Untied Church for preparing our feast each year. Thank you SO much to everyone who donated to support our Wacipi this year. Thank you to the beautiful bald eagles that once again graced us with their presence in the sky. A special thank you to the Wacipi Committee. Thank you to our vendors and guests who helped make our 18th Wacipi our most attended Wacipi ever! Thank you Sean my son who help me a lot, and for not complaining about the Wacipi stuff everywhere around the house. We have not seen our dining room table in months. Thank you Perry for the wonderful display of our Mendota’s History. If I forgot anyone, please know that we thank you so much for what you’ve done for MMDTC. I hope all of our guests enjoyed our Wacipi, and I hope to see you next year!!

Sincerely from the Mendota Members and the Tribal Council &

Sharon Lennartson Tribal Chairwoman