“Preserving, Protecting and Promoting the Dakota Culture for Future Generations”

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2016 Wacipi POW WOW flyer

Thank to all of you who got your paperwork turned in.

I want to thank all of you who got your paperwork turned in, there is about 60 members who have completed their new forms.

There is about 20 members who need to send in a few things. We have removed about 50 members. And more coming if we don’t hear from them soon. On the new application please do not use pencil. Use black ink do not print double sided, and use page 1 so there our 7 pages.

The first page must be in color, if you can’t do color I can make one for you. We have Scott Carr visiting us at our next meeting he is from Tulsa OK welcome Scott.

Don’t forget your Certified Birth Certificate.  Deadline is coming up on April 31st.

Your Tribal Council

Sharon 651-452-4141