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2016 Wacipi POW WOW flyer

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Dakota Conference was very interesting.

Listening to Ray Owens and others was really sad to hear their  feeling about our people, I share those feeling. So much has happen to our people and it is still going on. I did not get there as much as I wanted, but when I was there, I enjoyed it. Pidamaya to Alameda Rocha, Lisa Yankton and everyone who made the conference happen. There is a rope that the MHS has, of someone who was hang at Mankato in 1863. THAT rope needs to go to his family and buried.  I can not say anymore about that for now. Dan and Nick were at the conference too they are on our Mendota tribal council. If Dan or Nick want to share what they feel about the conference, they can write to  me and I will add it to the website.


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