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Closing Coldwater for a year say NO, we need our sacred water.

1) A letter about what’s happening at Coldwater addressed to the National Park Service regional director in Nebraska is now up at the Friends of Coldwater website. PCCC is listed as as getting a copy of this letter with photos. Please go to www.friendsofcoldwater.org to see the letter and all the photos that just went up on the website.

2) Via the grapevine we heard today that the National Park Service plans to close the Coldwater property beginning this November for a year. We have not been notified of the plan to close Coldwater. We are concerned about unilateral closing without notification and without any process to insure access to the water.

This Sunday morning, Oct 9, there will be a meeting at Barb Nimis’ office/the MMDC office at 10 am, in Mendota. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the proposed closing of Coldwater to the public. Since this is Barb’s home and office, and it’s small, if you would like to attend the Sunday morning meeting would you kindly email Barb at bnimis@yahoo.com so we can plan for chairs. Maybe bring a chair and prepare to chat outside. You might recall that when the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service closed Coldwater we ended up in federal court for a year and a half on the 1805 Treaty case, before they dropped the charges.

You can email the Mendota office too – mendotadakota@gmail.com, or call 651-452-4141

BB. Susu

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