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2016 Wacipi POW WOW flyer

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Best Scenario for Cancer.

Wow, it hasn’t even been a week since I was diagnosed with cancer. It has been an emotional and spiritual week. I feel a very heavy burden has been lifted. No serious treatments are needed at this time. If they are needed it might be a pill, or a non aggressive for of chemo therapy, with no hair loss or side effects.
I have a bone marrow biopsy next week, and the final pathology report will be reviewed in 3 weeks. That could change my diagnosis, but the doctor did not think the test would come back as bad news for me. The cancer has not spread to any organs.
Thank you everyone that helped in my healing Inipi. Lisa for lighting the fire, Tommy for being the fire keeper, Joseph for running the Inipi, and Lawrence’s for his beautiful voice singing the songs, prayers, prayer ties, healings, and the people who bought food for the feast.
I was given so many medicines from many wonderful friends. Pidamaya ye to all who went into the Inipi, some people I have never even meet came in. I thought I could only do one door, but I ended up staying in the Inipi the whole time, it was so profound to me. I saw the spirits come to me. I asked all my relatives to come from the spirit world.
What an honor to have Emmitt Eastman come to our Inipi and pray for me, I love you Emmitt.
Prayers do get answered.
Love Sharon