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Art Owen is on his 4-day journey into the spirit world on 10-27-2018.

Art Owen is on his 4-day journey into the spirit world on 10-27-2018. He will be missed by so many people I know I will miss him. Arts passing is devastating to all the Dakota Nation to all who knew him. As a spiritual elder of the Prairie Island Community, he was always there for his people and many others. Prayers & Condolences to Carrie, their children, grandchildren, great grandchildren. Please send extra prayers for the grandchildren, great grandchildren.

Art Owen was a Vietnam Army combat veteran, who served proudly as he often talked about. He was a member of the Dakota Mdewakantan Oceti Sakowin Nation. Now he is in the spirit world with 38, plus 2, with his mother & father all his spirit world family. I called Art and asked him to do the ceremony for our ancestors last year on Feb, 3rd with the Mendota Dakota Community. Art and Carrie graciously agreed. I was so honored that he and Carrie said yes to help Mendota in the ceremony. Art said he would help anytime when it comes to Honoring our Ancestors.

Love Sharon Lennartson and the Tribal Council and our Members of the Mendota Community.