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2016 Wacipi POW WOW flyer

Announcement: Volunteer Host Families sought for Exchange students arriving in late August Greenheart International

Dear Sharon –

Thanks so much for sharing our announcement out to your contacts.  We are still searching for volunteer host families for some of our exchange students who are due to arrive in late August, so we are hoping that there might be some families interested in this peace making experience.

Announcement: Volunteer Host Families Sought for Exchange students arriving in late August
Greenheart International, a nonprofit agency, is searching for volunteer host families for our last exchange students arriving in late August.  Be a part of improving diplomatic relations by hosting an exchange student!  Our students are 15-18 years old, they speak English, have medical insurance, and their own spending money.  Students attend the local public high school where the host family resides.  They arrive in late August, and stay through early June.  Students come from many countries and are eager to learn about American culture.  They are required to do volunteer service, and our group is planning to volunteer again this year at the Wacipi PowWow!  Volunteer host families provide a room, meals, and a caring and supportive environment for their exchange student.  Some of our students are exceptional US State Department sponsored scholarship students, and they are required to complete 40 hours of volunteer service while on program, so they make a positive impression in the local community.  For more information, please contact Mary Armstrong at 952-657-3406 / email: armstrong.mary@mac.com / website: www.ccigreenheart.org

Fedor (boy, Kazakhstan) – 16 years old – Fedor enjoys active games (ball sports), photography, reading, listening to music, basketball, golf, martial arts, volleyball, computers, programming.  He might be interested in robotics since he is into computer programming.    He has a dog/cat in his home country.  He has no pet allergies or dietary restrictions.  He lives with his extended family including his grandmother, and also has a younger brother, who is 8.  He is an exceptional FLEX scholarship recipient.   He has an A average, and speaks English with an above average level.

Hamza (boy, Pakistan) – 16 years old – enjoys music, playing guitar, computer games, drawing, reading, soccer, swimming, & cricket.  He has no pet allergies.   He is Islamic, and does not eat pork.     He has an A average, and speaks English very well.  He is an exceptional YES  scholarship recipient.  He has a large family, and lives with his parents, siblings, and grandparents.

Subin (girl, South Korea) – 16 years old – enjoys watching movies, walking, photography, aerobics, badminton, biking, inline skating, swimming, tennis, track and field, singing, playing the danso (Korean flute) and piano, and visiting historic places.  She has a very high English level, and an A average.  She has no pet allergies, but is afraid of reptiles.  She has no dietary restrictions.  She is Christian, and willing to attend church sometimes with her host family.

Best regards,

Mary Armstrong
Local Coordinator
Greenheart International
5158 167th Street W
Lakeville, MN 55044
TEL 952-657-3406