“Preserving, Protecting and Promoting the Dakota Culture for Future Generations”

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We are not having our Christmas & Toy Drive this year because of Covid.

Hello all members we are not having our Christmas Party. We will have a Toy Drive. The DuPuis House is still closed and will be until some time in 2021?

Even if we don’t get together, we are still a community and always will be no matter what happens. Stay strong be Dakota.

I have asked members if they would come, to any events, the majority said they would not come because of Covid.

Looks like Covid is spreading again scary times.

Stay safe, hope to see you next year.

We will continue to sent out monthly agendas and our finance’s to keep everyone in the loop.

We must maintain an office in Mendota.

We have had an office in Mendota for 26 years.

Been a community in Mendota for 130 plus years.

Thank you all for being a members.

Your Tribal Council

Sharon Lennartson Tribal –  Chairwoman

John LeClaire –  Vice Chair

Acting Greg Standmark –  Historian

Acting Joe Lennartson –  Treasurer

Acting Jason Delmont –  Secretary