The Wacipi / Pow Wow is the weekend after Labor Day. Sep 10, 11,12.

The weather is going to be in the 70. We are honored to you all join us, with you busy schedules. Find out the History of the Mendota people in this area. Along with other Dakotas, Ojibway, Fox people. We have lots of vendors with good food and crafts. Come dance with us. Come see […]

All vendors and volunteers please go tp the back of Mendota’s food both to sign in.

Welcome all vendors and volunteers.  Please go to the back of Mendota’s food to sign in. Welcome to Mendota’s 21 Wacipi / Pow Wow. Any questions email the tribal office mendotadakota. Mendota Pow Wow Committee.

Only service dogs allowed, no other exceptions. Please read!

    Thank you all who replied to my post about dogs at our Mendota pow wow / Wacipi much appreciated. We will be making a big sign at the Pow Wow to educate our guests about why dogs are not allowed at Pow Wow. I know once our guest understand they will not bring […]

Discount rooms at Fairfield Inn by Marriott for Pow Wow 651-454-1978. 5 minutes from Pow Wow.

Discount rooms at Fairfield Inn by Marriott for Pow Wow 651-454-1978 call soon they are fulling up. Mention Mendotadakota to get your discount. Rooms are $64.00 plus tax per night. Very good deal. Sharon got us group rates 3 months ago. There are about 20 people staying there. Can’t wait to see everyone. Thank you […]

Raffle Donations are needed.

Hello again, we are looking for raffle donations. Please bring to the raffle booth on Friday night. I have donated many things to the raffle. I have jewelry. Pidamaya ye Sharon

Welcome to all new people coming to our Wacipi what to expect.

First of all, Pidamaya thank in Dakota, you for coming to our 21 Wacipi / Pow Wow we are so honored to meet each and everyone one of you. Kids can make Jewerly for free. Please sign our guest book at the Wacipi. Wacipi is the Dakota word means we dance at Pow Wow. Pow […]

Regalia is not a costume, please never call it that.

Regalia is not a costume, please never call it that. There is so much pride in each regalia. Powwow regalia is a powerful mode of self-expression that blends historical and modern dress. A dancer’s powwow regalia is a collection of items that reflect their lives, interests, and family background. Many wear family heirlooms or gifts crafted […]

Pow Wow Etiquette.

Welcome to the Mendota Wacipi / Pow Wow Etiquette. 1.  Be on time The committee is doing everything possible to ensure that activities begin and run smoothly.  Please cooperate in this regard. 2.  Dress appropriate Appropriate dress and behavior are required in the arena.  Anyone unwilling to abide by this rule will be asked to leave […]

Since my 75 birthday was cancelled, because I got double pneumonia.

  Since my 75 birthday was cancel because I got double pneumonia. I would like to have you all cerebrate my 75 party with me at the Pow wow what an honor. We will have a get together on Saturday Sept 11th, from 6-7 doing intermission between grand entries. There will be so many people […]

Please have cash for food and merchandise at Wacipi. We cannot afford a POS machine.

Please have cash for food and merchandise. We have no credit card machine. Sorry for any inconvenience. For our 21 Wacipi Sept 10-11-12-2021.

Donations for our 21 Wacipi. Pidamaya ye to all who have made a donation.

St Peters Church, thank you for letting us use the grounds each year for our Wacipi! Now our 21st Wacipi on Sept 10-12-21. Metropolitan Regional Arts Council from last year. Dickinson / Carlisle Website. Cherokee Park United Church Friends of the Sibley House. White Earth Indian Reservation. Lucky 13. Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe. South […]

New Publication: Mendota Dakota: Stories of Land & Leadership

In honor of Sharon Lennartson’s 75th Birthday – Tribal Chairwoman of the Mendota Mdewakanton Dakota Tribal Community (MMDTC)) I am thrilled to announce the publication of Mendota Dakota: Stories of Land & Leadership. This book is a collaboration between MMDTC and students in Justice and Peace Studies at the University of St. Thomas who interviewed 20 […]

Sharon has Double Pneumonia, had to cancel my 75 birthday, very sad about that.

Hello everyone, it has been a rough 4 days, I still need to rest and take antibiotics for 10 days. This last time I Double Pneumonia was Aug 12, 20. I have had double pneumonia 6 times. So, I have a history of Pneumonia WHY. 75 and getting pneumonia is a very scary combination. I […]

Honored to have Representatives from Dickinson / Carlisle Indian School website.

  Three Representatives from Dickinson / Carlise Indian Industrial School website. Will be at our Wacipi what an honor. So honored to have them come from Pennsylvania. Barbara Landis, Susan Rose, and Jim Gerencser. Updates: Here are a few things I wanted to update for you all. Thank you to everyone involved in the Wacipi. […]

Lawrence Dakota Irving Obituary. SACRED FIRE VIDEO Rest in peace my brother.

Sacred Fire for Sundancer Lawrence Irving who started his journey to the Spirit World Friday.

Minnesota Governor Walz “can’t” stop line 3, by Susu Jeffrey

MINNESOTA GOVERNOR WALZ “CAN’T” STOP LINE 3, BY SUSU JEFFREY By Susu Jeffrey  Original to Rise Up Times  August 9, 2021 “I can’t stop Line 3,” Gov. Walz said on July 11, “because the next governor can start it again.” Governor Walz is already running to be the next governor and has never declared opposition […]

Please RSVP for Sharon’s 75th Birthday party!

Please make sure that you RSVP for Sharon’s 75th Birthday party by Sat Aug 21st! No gifts, please. Potluck!, please reply if you will be attending. Thank you, from Sharon’s sons.

Burr Oak Acorns Full Moon Walk at Sacred Coldwater Springs

Burr Oak Acorns Full Moon Walk at Sacred Coldwater Springs Sunday, August 22, 2021 Gather at the park entrance, 7pm Park on the Hwy 55 access road Burr oak acorn season is normally August 15 to September 23, about 5 ½-weeks. Traditional group howl. The National Park Service is protecting a coyote den with pups, […]

Address Change over a year ago.

Attention:  Sharon’s Cell 952-239-9969 Tribal Office 651-452-4141. Having a lot of trouble with the mail. Mail to Sharon Lennartson % of MMDTC 945 Redwood Dr. Apple Valley Mn 55124. Make checks out to MMDTC as always.

Mendota Mdewakanton Dakota Tribe to again seek federal recognition

Mendota Mdewakanton Dakota Tribe to again seek federal recognition. Article by Jenna Kunze. Aug 2nd, 2021 MENDOTA, Minn. — At the confluence of the Minnesota and Mississippi Rivers in the heart of the Twin Cities exists the Mendota Mdewakanton Dakota Tribal Community (MMDTC), a 125-member group who can trace their ancestry in the area back […]

Mendota’s First Wacipi / Pow Wow.

We had 2 other Wacipi’ s at Coldwater, 1998 &1999?  Wacipi at Pike Island. If anyone has the correct dates please send to me. Pidamaya ye. Sharon Pow Wow is fist in 100 years

Sharon’s New Wacipi List.

Wacipi Notes that Sharon has done for our 21st Wacipi Sept 7 – 13.   I ask Star Tribune to advertise our Wacipi. Done Pioneer Press too. Done We got a $5,000 donations, and a $350.00. Done Joe got another grant for panels for pow wow for $2,5000, we have not received the check yet. […]

We are not a Competition Wacipi, we are a Traditional Wacipi, as most of you know.

Just to clarify some questions. Come dance, eat and have fun, with the Mendota Community over the weekend. The Mendota Members would like to invite you to Mendota’s 21th Annual Traditional Wacipi – Pow Wow Sept 10- 11-12-2021. Website: We are not a competition Wacipi; we are a traditional Wacipi, we dance to dance. There is […]

We still need more help with the Wacipi Sept 10-12-2021.

The Wacipi is only around 6 weeks away that will fry by. Started working on Wacipi in March. Estimate expense for our 21 Wacipi Sept 10-12-2021. Set up Sept 7 -10th. We have $18,000 for the Wacipi. We still need around $8,000 to pay everything. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. Thank you to all who […]

Sharon’s 75th Potluck Birthday Party Aug 28th, VFW in Mendota MN 55150. No gifts!!

Sharon’s Lennartson 75 Birthday Party Sat Aug 28. At the VFW in Mendota, MN 55150. 1-5 potluck. If you have not got an invite please email us, we will send you an invite. Please RSVP – ASAP. We need to know how much food to order? Please let us know what you may bring? […]