Paul send us this, 20 Native American Women You Should Know.

20 Native American Women You Should Know Posted By October 21st, 2019 Last Updated on: July 6th, 2021 When we hear Native American heroes, we might think of Geronimo, Sitting Bull and other legendary male warriors and chiefs. Unfortunately, far too often, Native American women get overlooked. Even if they get their due credit in Indian […]

Old Betsey: The Life and Times of a Famous Dakota Woman and Her Family Paperback – May 1, 1995

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Zoom Meeting Discussion Federal Recognition Press Release on June 21, 2021.

Mendota Dakota Mdewakanton Tribal Community Discussion Federal Recognition Meeting Press Release

Mendota Dakota Mdewakanton Tribal Community Discussion Federal Recognition Meeting Press Release If the video doesn’t work, or if you prefer to download it, here is the video hosted in Zoom: Press Release 6/21/2021 Reply to us as to what you think of the video? Thank you Greg Strandmark Historian and Sharon Lennartson Tribal Chairwoman. I […]

10th Generations to Cetanwakanmami Little Crow.

10th Generations to Cetanwakanmami Little Crow. Many of our members come from Cetanwakanmami. Also here is a picture of Cetanwakanmami that was found on Who made this document back in 1990 for my family. Of the seven Dakota leaders present at the negotiations, only Cetan Wakuwa Mani (Le Petit Corbeau) and Wanyaga Inazin (Way-Aga-Enagee) […]

Some images from our Wacipi!

If you have any of your own, please send them to us!  

Images on our Tipi, Coldwater, Pike Island, Pilot Knob, painted by Amy Zortman.

Indigenous Peoples’ Day Oct 11-2021.

Indigenous Peoples’ Day go online to see what’s happening in your area. Love Sharon

Pelagie Faribault

How the family of Pelagie Faribault came to own Pike Island near Fort Snelling An 1820 treaty between the United States and the Dakota specifically set aside the 320-acres Wita Tanka, also called Pike Island, specifically for Pelagie Faribault. By Margaret Vaughan View of Wita Tanka (Pike Island) and Fort Snelling from Mendota. Painting by Edward […]

Can anyone help us find the document it is urgent.

Greg to Mary Ronan General Records Concerning Indian Organization 1935 – 1956 (5) (1)

Oheyawahi / Pilot Knob.

  Oheyawahi / Pilot Knob 

To all members please read Rule 25.

Found this on the internet about my 10th grandfather Cetanwakanmani the 3rd.

Chief Little Crow Charging Hawk Cetan Waku Mani (born Cetanwakanmani), III, 1763 – 1830 Chief Little Crow Charging Hawk Cetan Waku Mani, III was born on 1763, in Minnesota, to Chief Little Crow Corbeau Red Wing Cetanwakanmani, III and Unknown Dakota . Chief married Meene oke dawin Minnetonka Unknown. They had 2 children: Mary Renville and Chief Little Crow Big Thunder Wakinyantanka IV . Mary […]

 Pike Island and Fort Snelling State Park.

Pike Island (Dakota Wita Tanka) and Fort Snelling State Park. The site of the Mdote. We call it the concentration camp for 1,600 Dakota women, children, and elders in 1862-1863. Very sad time in our history. Minnesota should be ashamed of what they did to Minnesota Indigenous Native people. Indian Mounds Regional Park – Dakota grave […]

Excerpts from Hasting Newspaper 1-3-1885. Alberts LeClaire’s, LeMay’s and others are on there. Birth in on here

Excerpts the a Hasting MN Gazette MHS 1-3-1885 – Dec 31 1887 Albert LeClaire is Grandfather to Lillian Anderson, Beverly Scott, Morris Brown, Robert Brown, Sharon Lennartson and Linda Brown. Husband to grandmother Lillian Felix. All my first cousin’s. Dick LeClaire, Marilyn Cisek, Barbara Pietig, Laurel Dewey, Joyce Jackson. To many to mention as most […]

New Mendota Heights Mayor Stephanie Levine came to our Wacipi.

The mayor came up to me at the Wacipi we talked for a while. She really wants to help us. I felt Stephanie was really interested in our community. Levine readies her A-game for new role as mayor of Mendota Heights Post published:January 6, 2021 Post category:General News / NEWS Post comments:0 Comments New Mendota Heights Mayor […]

Information from the Shakopee Heritage Society

Shakopee Heritage Society Files

Inipi tonight 10-1-2021 at the DuPuis House in Mendota.

Tonight we will pray in the inipi (sweat lodge). All are welcome. We will light the fire at 5pm and go in at 7pm. We will feast afterward. Feel free to bring something to share. A reminder that women wear a dress or skirts in the lodge, with a top that covers our shoulders. If […]

Mendota Dakota: Stories of Land and Leadership by Mike Klein (Author).

You can get the book on Amazon, all proceed go to Mendota Community. Pidamaya to St. Thomas University for funding the book. Thank you Amy Finnegan, and students who helped write the book. For the Mendota Tribal Council who helped. Thank you to everyone involved in making this book.  The Mendota Tribal Council. Sharon Lennartson […]

I posted we are looking for Lineal Members on facebook and our website. I posted we are looking for Lineal Members on face book and our website. Your Dakota ancestor must have resided in the village or township of Mendota, Minnesota and be listed on any one of the following documents: James McLaughlin’s 1899 “Census of Mdewakanton Sioux of Minnesota” · Any one or more of […]

Would you like to be an honorary members of the Mendota Community?

Go to downloads them membership to find honorary membership on this website. Mendota would love to have you join us. The Mendota Tribal Council and its members.

Still looking for a picture of Angelique DuPuis. There are pictures Hypolite DuPuis.

Why not his wife and children? If anyone has these pictures please send to us at The Mendota Tribal Council. 651-452-4141

The Biden Administration’s Conservation Plan Must Prioritize Indigenous Leadership

Mendota need someone to host the Wacipi next year. Time to move on with the younger generation.

This is my last Wacipi, too much stress and work for to many months. If you are a member and want to host the Wacipi call me for details. I never got any help when I started to host the Wacipi. I have hosted the Wacipi for 17 years. I will give you all you […]

Mendota Dakota Pow Wow Videos From Many Different Years!

If you have any pow wow videos or photos that you’d like to share, please get in touch, thank you! Please check out all our powwow videos that Brad added to our site. Thank you so much Brad. You can view various Mendota Wacipi (pow wow) here:

         2021 Sharon Lennartson, Chairwoman, Mendota Mdewakanton Dakota Tribal Community.   Sharon brings 17 years of Tribal and Community experience and leadership to her people. One of the first things Sharon would like to see for her people is Federal Recognition, a Community Center, paid staff, and a culture and healing center. Sharon, along with […]