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Dorothy Dottie Whipple has enter the spirit world on May15, 2021.

Dorothy Dottie Whipple has enter the spirit world on May15, 2021. I will write something about Dottie after 4 days it is profound.

She was a vital part of the commemorative marches, and was in the inipi with you. She and I drove an old gravel road that started near the Wabasha village site that she showed me, along the marshy river bed to the end of the road, where it then took a sharp right turn up a hill to the highway that went to New Ulm, to establish the route for the second March (the first March we took the highway to Sleepy Eye, we didn’t know the original route that the troops took them on. And then, we later learned that there was an original road that went directly through the now farm field and connected to another gravel road that we also found and took into New Ulm. It was the story that she told me about her father driving her down that road as a child on Sunday drives. He said nothing to her, but was always somber. This was the clue, that this was the road of removal from the Lower Sioux Agency site. This was absolutely incredible information!
I will always remember her for this.
Very Best and Love,
Mary Beth