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Yankton Sioux Arrested For Protesting Hog Farm.

Update  Please go to www.earthcycles.net and hear what is going on there.

earthcycles.net has been broadcasting from Fort Randall since May 1.
They have archived their interviews on this website.  The program
numbers begin at 324 through 329.  My suggestion is that you begin
with #326, and after 329 go back to 325.  #325 is actually the final
live broadcast program broadcast last evening.  (Bill DuBois, on #325
the Pew Report is mentioned…thank you for alerting me to that
report in your e-mail, which I then forwarded to Mato Nunpa.)

I hope that the non-indigenous people on this e-mail list will be
shocked, appalled and outraged at what has been happening to the
Ihanktuwan Dakota on their own land in South Dakota.  What will you do.


MN’s American Indian Month / May 2008 Events

  • Wednesday, April 30 – 11AM (until 3PM) 13th Annual American Indian Wellness Fair, Midtown YWCA, 2121 E. Lake Street, Minneapolis, MN, This exciting event promotes awareness of, and access to health services and community resources, More than 60 local health agencies, community groups and HMO’s will offer exhibits, displays, and free health screenings, buffalo burgers, wild rice, and beverages served free, Everyone welcome, To register, call Sandra Rivera (612) 625-4441
  • Thursday, May 1 – 6:30AM Sunrise Ceremony, Location: East River Flats by the riverbank, directly south of Coffman Union down the hill – Signs posted), There will be a fire burning; tobacco will be distributed, Prayers will be said and each person will put their tobacco in the fire; A continental breakfast will be served afterward, If you need to sit, please bring your own chair, Free and open to the public, FMI contact Betty GreenCrow at (612) 625-5187 or bgreencr@umn.edu

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