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Letter from Leonard Peltier, 25th Year Reunion of Incident At Oglala

Letter from Leonard Peltier
25th Year Reunion of Incident At Oglala
June 26, 2000

Greetings Friends and Supporters,

Twenty Five years has passed since the fatal shoot-out on the Jumping Bull Ranch occurred, and for twenty-five years I have been forced away from my people and my home, which I consider Oglala to be.  I miss being with all of you as I have always loved and respected the Lakota Ways.  I have always admired the lakota people, especially the Oglalas for their strength, determination, and courage to continue the struggle to maintain our traditional ways and sovereignty.  Not a single day passes when I do not dream of being home with you.  Twenty-four years is a long time to be in prison, but if I was out and you were facing the same kind of brutality you faced under the Wilson regime, I would not hesitate to stand next to you and resist the violent oppression you were forced to endure.

But I am not out, I remain locked up in here, and it has not been an easy 24 years.  Prison is a repulsive, violent place to exist in. But again, none of this could stop me from standing with you until the great Oglala Nation is free.  I know a lot of problems continue to exist for you.  Corrupt tribal government officials are still taking advantage of the people and crimes committed against Natives receive little if no priority.  It makes me very sad to know that after everything we went through in the 1970’s our people still continue to suffer so much.  The memory of all of those who lost their lives during that time also continues to haunt me.

As we gather together during this time of rememberance, I am aware that the FBI has also organized a 25-year memorial for their dead agents. I do not fault them nor do I  disagree with what they are doing. I think all people should gather in memorial for any of their fallen. But, when you analyze this whole event of theirs, you are slapped in the face with a cold reality of racism. Not once have they, nor will they mention our fallen warriors and innocent traditionalists slaughtered in the 70’s after Wounded Knee II. They will not even as much as mention Joe Killsright Stuntz. We cannot even get an acknowledgement from them that they were wrong in supporting such a cruel and corrupt regime as Dick Wilson’s. They continue to deny that any Indian people were killed as a result of their direct input with the terrorist squad, the GOONS. The fact is they do not think of Indian people as human beings. Whenever you deny that such atrocities happen, and we know they did happen, it only means they don’t consider the people who died to be human. Hitler’s regime felt the same about the Jews.

But please don’t understand my frustation for a lack of sympathy about the loss of the agents’ lives.  I do feel for the families of the agents because I know first hand what it is like to lose a loved one. I have lost many loved ones through the years due to senseless violent acts. If I had known what was going on that day, and I could have stopped it, I would have.

But in order for us to bring reconciliation to what was a very difficult time we first must have justice. We must continue to ask when the lives of our people will be given the same respect and value as others.  When will they stop carelessly locking up our people without applying the scrutiny and care the judicial system is supposed to guarantee?  When will guilty beyond a reasonable doubt become a standard that applies to us?  When will our guilt have to be proven, rather than assumed?  We suffer equally, but we are not treated equally.  There is hope for a better future and for peace.  But in order for us to live in peace, we must be able to live in dignity and without fear.

In closing, I want to say that your voices are important and your involvement in the effort to gain my freedom is crucial.  You know the truth and only you can express the reality of those brutal times.  It is also important that you explain to the youth what we stood for and why, because they are our hope for the future.  They can carry out our dream for our people to have pride in their culture, good schools, food, and health care, and most importantly, justice.  Please know that I continue to be here for you too, although I am limited in what I can do from behind these walls.  However, I will continue to help in whatever I can from here.  The one thing my situation has brought me at least, is a voice, and my voice is your voice.  So please do not hesitate to write me or contact the LPDC to inform me of what is going on.

I am growing older now and my body is beginning to deteriorate.  I sometimes wonder just how much longer I will be with you all on Mother Earth.  I hope that it’ll be a while longer because I long to be with you, my family and friends, to share some time together.  If not, and I don’t make it home to you, I will always be with you in spirit, at every Sun Dance and Inipi Ceremony, remembering both the happy and the painful times we shared.

In the Spirit of Crazy Horse,

Leonard Peltier

Harriet Nahanee dies. . .NYM press release March 2007


NYM press release March 2007

unceded Coast Salish Territory

March 30, 2007

Harriet Nahanee, a 73 year old Pacheedaht Grandmother, Elder, and Warrior passed away on February 24, 2007, in the manner that she lived her life. Standing strong defending Our Land and Our People. She died from pneumonia and undiagnosed lung cancer after serving 2 weeks in prison for her part in the 2006 blockade to defend Eagle Bluff, from the expansion of the Sea to Sky Highway, on her husband’s Skwxwu7mesh territory. The highway expansion is a key development project for the corrupt Vancouver/Whistler 2010 Winter Olympics.

In her lifetime, Harriet Nahanee was a loyal, supporter of AIM Warrior, Leonard Peltier, who was extradited from Vancouver in 1976, and convicted of the murder of 2 FBI agents. AIM had been actively supportive in the Lakota struggle to defend their communities in Pine Ridge from the FBI instigated war for the uranium in the Sacred Black Hills. The 2 FBI agents died in 1975 in a gunfight they started against an AIM family style camp. Since Leonard Peltier’s conviction, the truth has come out that the FBI fabricated testimony and evidence to extradite and convict Leonard Peltier of these murders.

Today, the FBI is attempting to pin Anna Mae’s murder on her trusted friend and comrade, former AIM member and Warrior John Graham. When Anna Mae’s body was found, the FBI attempted to cover-up her murder, but failed when a 2nd independent autopsy made the discovery of a bullet lodged in her head. Since that time, the FBI has worked hard over the years to pin Anna Mae’s murder on her own organization, AIM.

Since John Graham’s arrest in Vancouver in December 2003, for the 1st degree murder of Anna Mae, Harriet Nahanee, has stood by John through his 4 years of living under house arrest, and through his 2005 Extradition hearing that was approved. During Harriet’s last days in the hospital before she passed away, her close friend Jennifer Wade of Amnesty International visited her. Her last words to Jennifer were about her biggest concerns. First she brought up her 78 year old Eagle Bluff Comrade Betty Krawczyk, who is currently serving a 9-15 month sentence for her part in the blockade. Then Harriet brought up John Graham and his May 17, 2007 extradition appeal. Jennifer Wade reassured her that John’s loved ones, his supporters, and his lawyers would work hard to fight John’s extradition.

On behalf of Harriet Nahanee, a strong Pacheedaht Elder, who has passed away standing up for Our People, we ask that people look at the facts in this murder case, and to stand strong beside John Graham. This murder case has nothing to do with delivering justice for Anna Mae, and is only a part of the FBI smear campaign that is set out to destroy any pride Natives may have about the contributions made to Our People by the American Indian Movement.

Bellecourt denounces KQRS for disguising racism as entertainment

December 13, 2007

Overlooking 35W and 94th St. in Bloomington, a billboard for KQRS radio reads ‘Our Lawyer is Always Busy.’ According to protesters who gathered outside station headquarters last week, KQRS has a battle on its hands. On December 6, more than 75 people braved single-digit temperatures to demand that the classic rock station fire popular morning DJs Tom Barnard and Terri Traen for derogatory statements they made about American Indians more than two months ago.


“This is just the thunder before the storm,” said Clyde Bellecourt, co-founder of the American Indian movement. “We will not rest until all our demands are met.” After a rousing song from ceremonial drummers, the enthusiastic crowd cheered as speakers denounced Citadel Broadcasting, KQRS, and Disney. “Mickey Mouse! Knock Him Out!” was a popular chant among those gathered. (Citadel owns ABC Radio, and Disney owns a majority interest in Citadel. KQRS is an ABC radio affiliate.)

The controversy stems from comments made during the September 18 KQRS morning show. Barnard and Traen were discussing a state health department finding that the teen suicide rate in Beltrami County is twice the state average. Barnard pointed out that the Red Lake Band of Chippewa reservation is in Beltrami County, to which Traen responded, “Maybe it’s genetic. Isn’t there a lot of incest up there?”

Barnard continued the conversation with trademark sarcasm by commending “the people at Mystic Lake for doing a hell of a lot to help out their fellow Native Americans,” adding that, “They don’t give them anything.”

An unidentified person from the show referred to the Mdewakanton Sioux who own the Shakopee casino as “those zillionaires at ‘Mistake Lake.’” Barnard later said, “I wish someone would fly a plane into Mystic Lake Casino.”

Almost immediately, angry phone calls and letters poured into KQRS from outraged tribal leaders.

Floyd Jourdain Jr., of the Red Lake Band of Chippewa, sent a letter to the station denouncing the remarks as “irresponsible and intolerable.” He asserted that Red Lake officials are working closely with Beltrami County and the city of Bemidji to prevent teen suicides and asserted that “tasteless and inappropriate humor at the expense of those who have suffered tragedy and loss is unacceptable.”

According to Bellecourt, Red Lake has received $500,000 from other tribes to build a sexual assault and family advocacy center in Bemidji. The Shakopee Mdewakanton community has granted $1 million toward a new Boys and Girls Club, and $2 million to help jump start the Red Lake walleye fishing industry in hopes of combating poverty on the reservation.

“All together this is nearly $4 million dollars that the Shakopee tribe has granted the Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians,” said Bellecourt.

On October 30, members of Red Lake, the American Indian Movement, and the Metropolitan Urban Indian Directors met with executives from Citadel Broadcasting and KQRS. During the meeting, KQRS station manager Marc Kalman agreed to issue an apology on-air and in writing to the Red Lake and Shakopee tribes as well as the American Indian community in the Twin Cities. Kalman also promised that the station would make efforts to hire interns from the native community and offered to run public service announcements promoting youth suicide prevention programs.

These conciliatory gestures have not been enough to satisfy many who perceive a pattern of racist remarks on KQRS spanning more than ten years. Bellecourt and other American Indian leaders recently reached out to members of other racial minorities to form the Communities of Color Leadership Council (CCLC), a new coalition designed to fight racism.

“This is the first time in my 55 years in the Twin Cities that people from the African-American, Asian, Latino, and Indian communities have come together like this,” said Bellecourt. “We are ready to engage Citadel in a fight to change their branding of racism, prejudice, and discriminatory practices disguised under the benign label of entertainment.”

Spike Moss, of the CCLC and the Minneapolis Urban League, called on KQRS to fire Barnard and Traen as a matter of decency. “We will not accept racist attacks on our communities,” said Moss. “These ignorant people do not belong on the air.”

Several speakers at the rally drew comparisons between Tom Barnard and controversial radio host Don Imus. Imus was fired by CBS last April after he referred to members of the Rutgers women’s basketball team as “nappy-headed hoes.” Imus is back on the air as of this month after Citadel offered him a job on ABC radio.

“The hire of Don Imus by Citadel is outrageous,” said Bellecourt. “The newly merged leadership of Citadel and Disney is apparently willing to use racist stereotypes and caricatures of people just to benefit their company’s bottom line.” Bellecourt said he will urge tribal casinos advertising on KQRS to pull ads and pressure other sponsors to do the same.

Like the Imus in the Morning Show, the KQRS Morning Show is known for ethnic jokes and a general willingness, even eagerness, to offend. Over the last ten years, members of the African-American, Hmong, and Somali communities have issued formal complaints against the station for comments they deemed offensive.

Amee Xiong spoke at the December 6 rally, reminding the crowd of a 1998 incident in which Barnard and other KQRS radio personalities ridiculed a thirteen-year-old Hmong girl who was charged with killing her baby after being raped. Penalties she faced included a $10,000 fine. “That’s a lot of egg rolls,” quipped Barnard who then told a co-host playing “Tak,” a fictional character with a mock-Asian accent, to “assimilate or hit the goddamn road.”

“We’re here to say that we’re proud of our culture,” said Xiong. “We don’t have to assimilate and we’re not going anywhere.”

KQRS officials locked their doors before the rally began and police stood between protesters and the building.

Requests for comment from KQRS were referred to McFarland Cahill Communications, which issued a statement that read in part:

“In an October meeting, we came to an agreement with Native American tribal leaders about how to move forward. While KQRS has followed through on all points of the agreement it is unfortunate that a fringe group of individuals is trying to hold KQRS hostage to their unreasonable demands.”

The statement claims that since the meeting, KQRS has issued an apology, hired two native interns, run public service announcements, and extended an invitation to have tribal leaders appear on the morning show. They are currently in the process of scheduling an appearance for a tribal leader “who did not take part in the protest.”

Bellecourt promised that the CCLC will stand by their position that Barnard and Traen should be fired and will continue to monitor the content of the KQRS morning show. He hoped a KQRS official would emerge from the building to speak with the group about their demands.

During the hour long rally the only person to venture out of the building was KQRS attorney David Valentini who said, “Concessions have been made. From our perspective this is over.” Nevertheless, he accepted a list of demands from Bellecourt and shook hands with a few protesters before leaving. It seems KQRS will continue to keep their lawyer busy.

Katrina Plotz is a substitute teacher, a freelance writer and an anti-war activist. She lives in Bloomington.


federal budget pie chart

By Mike Graham

Although the U.S. Federal Government today does not issue bounties for Indian scalps and calling for their extermination, the Republican party is waging a national political economic war against the Native American community through their anti-Indian politics.

Republican party elected representatives, state and federal are fully supporting anti-Indian groups like “One Nation United” and “Citizen’s Equal Rights Foundation” by enacting new legislation and changing laws to block Native Americans’ economic well being and advancement.

A bill put forth by House Resources Committee Chairman, Richard Pombo, (R-Cal) would stop Indian nation governments from reclaiming their land to operate new businesses. Pombo is using the excuse that his bill would “only” cover Indian casinos. He goes on to state: “Instead of seeking to bring economic development to the Indian reservation, they have instead sought to bring the Indian reservation to wherever there is economic development,”

How stupid can this man be? Wal-Mart is based in Arkansas; they have stores all over America. The business profits are sent back to the corporate home office in Arkansas. Shouldn’t Pombo’s bill also include restricting Wal-Mart and other companies to corporate reservation land? Richard Pombo’s bill does not call for a moratorium on corporate American to stop building new casinos. If that was the case behind representative Richard Pombo’s bill, Donald Trump’s hair would be standing on ends!

Representative Pombo’s bill H.R. 4893 should be looked upon as racist toward the Native American community! In no way should any elected representative associate their name to Rep. Pombo’s bill. American voters can see what his bill is all about! American voters are getting fed up with the Republican party’s anti-Indian attitude! Millions of Americans will join with the Indian community to send a strong message to the “Grand Old Party” come election day!

Representative Pombo knows that Indian reservations were set up in desolate areas to keep Indians out of sight and force them to live in poverty. Republican Richard Pombo knows the overall economic plight for most Indian families living on reservations today is far below that of third world countries! While the federal government no longer endorses the outright killing of Native Americans for “their land”, it’s focus today is to pass laws keeping them at the bottom of the American economic ladder.

From the time republicans took over the U.S. House and Senate, Native Americans have had to deal with the extreme anti-Indian right wing of the republican party. Under the leadership of President Bush, elected republicans, federal and state, have been given a green light to block any legislation that would benefit the economic development of Indians living on and off reservations. That includes the anti-Indian actions of republican lobbyist Jack Abramoff!

The republican party’s attitude toward Native Americans’ economic well being is “Why can’t Indians live in Death Valley and be happy?” While federal and state governments offer well endowed financial incentives for businesses to operate in America, that attitude is not offered to the Native American community. The federal government has failed miserably in it’s lawful duties to ensure the economic well being of all Native Americans! The Indian Federal Trust Fund has been robbed of around one hundred billion dollars. The federal government wants Indians to settle for eight billion. Americans are not hearing about this issue on CNN & Fox national TV news for a good reason. Our government wants the myth “Indians don’t pay taxes.” to continue.

President Bush made it a point in his budget to cut funding for Indian education programs. Bush also found it in his “God” loving heart to end funding of Indian health services. His action would bring about the closing of over 36 Indian health clinics around the country. President Bush did not see fit to cut funding of any other ethnic group’s health services. President Bush stood before Americans and announced that the U.S. would send billions of taxpayers’ money to Africa for their AIDS problem, knowing full well that AIDS is a growing problem in the Indian community right here in America. Diabetic health problems are out of control within the American Indian community. Obviously President Bush is more concerned about the health of people in other countries!

Republican representatives have the nerve to use the term “Indians are reservation shopping.” They want Americans to believe Indians only want to build casinos! This if false information. The only race of people being restricted in conducting business in America are the First American Indians! While Native Americans today are giving their life on battlefields around the world to free people from hostile governments and terrorists, here in America our own government is politically back stabbing the Native American Indian community with economic racist laws!

The Native American community is uniting with all Americans to politically “refocus” our federal and state governments to the true principals our country was founded on! By federal law in 1924, Indians were given U.S. citizenship and the right to vote. That law did not and cannot strip Indian nations of their government sovereignty! That in itself is the supreme law of our land. Contact your congressmen and senators to stop H.R. 4893 from becoming a hate law against Indians!

Contact your congress members:


Mike Graham, member Oklahoma Cherokee Nation

Founder United Native America